Question: How long does Boss Bottled intense last?

Durability: A working day, skin even in the evening still noticeable. Sillage: 2-3 hours well present.

Are testers stronger than perfume?

The bottom line is that there is no logical reason to make a tester bottle stronger or longer-lasting. Increasing or decreasing the potency of the formula for two different versions — one for testers, the other for sealed merchandise — would mean driving up the costs.

Whats wrong with fake perfume?

Counterfeit perfumes may contain urine, bacteria and antifreeze. ... They brought the issue of counterfeit perfume to GMAs attention. Youre putting something on your face, on your neck, on your wrists.

Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss is a Woody Spicy fragrance for men. Boss Bottled was launched in 1998. Boss Bottled was created by Annick Menardo and Christian Dussoulier. Top notes are Apple, Plum, Bergamot, Lemon, Oakmoss and Geranium; middle notes are Cinnamon, Mahogany and Carnation; base notes are Vanilla, Sandalwood, Cedar, Vetiver and Olive Tree.

The abstract of Hugo Boss style is captured in a bottle with Boss Bottled aroma. The fragrance is fresh and sharp with warm woody base. The fresh and fruity top notes of apple and citrus are perfectly balanced with floral and spicy heart, dominated by pelargonium, warm cinnamon, and cloves. The base notes are very masculine: sandalwood, vetiver and precious cedar. On occasion of 10 years of this successful edition, its jubilant version, Boss No. New bottle is very modern and created as a very appropriate jubilant version.

This chromed, elegant and very powerful creation is available as 50 and 100 ml edt. You can read more about it in the aricle Hugo How long does Boss Bottled intense last?

No. Read about this perfume in other languages:,. This is an incredibly versatile fragrance. I don't find it special, but it will work for any time of the day, any day of the year, for any situation, for any guy.

It's also not expensive, so i'd recommend it for a man or boy that just wants to smell nice and not have to worry about researching and finding the perfect scent. Wouldn't recommend to someone that already has dozens of bottles for every occasion or someone that's looking to buy something for a specific purpose.

It's quite powerful and lasts for a decent amount of time, very good performance. This is one of those fragrances that lasts waaay longer on skin that it does on a paperstrip, be aware of that. Now the scent is very pleasing to me but some people apparently can't stand it, so definitely try it out in a store beforehand, it should be available literally everywhere. Can't get enough spicy, sour, sweet - I guess I get the 'apple-pie' reference, but there's more there.

The vanilla and wooods are the background heroes for me. Shame about the dreadful performance. I swear my earlier bottle lasted longer. Boss Bottled Hugo Boss, I don't why It's taken me this long to write a review.

The notes that stumps me is the apple and citrus notes. There's a hint of floral notes from carnation as well some oakmoss.

Some might think this juice is boring, there's no one note that dominates. I believe that if the citrus notes dominated, it How long does Boss Bottled intense last? clash with the vanilla and spicy blend.

How long does Boss Bottled intense last?

It might across being more synthetic. If spray it 2x, I'll get at least 6hrs, that's perfect for summer wear. The opening is definitely brighter, more fruity than the dry down. I got a moment of apple pie as it dried down but I don't get an overwhelming apple or apple pie scent here. The fragrance is light enough How long does Boss Bottled intense last? wear in the day in the summer while remaining fuzzy enough for the winter.

I don't view this fragrance as adolescent or young, 5he dry down is warmish, slightly sweet, and friendly. It is not luxurious or overtly romantic as luxury fragrances would be. To be a freshman college student again in the early 2000s. I'm afraid to revisit this as I've learned from a couple of perfumes I used many many years ago — well, let's just say they're a disappointment now. They really don't make juices like they used to back then.

I remember this being strong I'd only do a couple of spritz and it'll last me a whole day. I'll hunt down an older batch perhaps.

I got this as a gift, and i do tend to have a bias for fragrances that people have given me, for some reason, keep that in mind. It's a sweet vanilla and wood scent that instanly makes my mind visualize sitting by cozy fireplace while eating a warm apple pie. The projection and longevity are decent, even bellow average if i let go of my bias. It's unfortunate because it has a really good scent to it, and i got a lot of compliments from people who managed to get close enough to smell it.

It lasts on my skin for about 3 hours sadly and a little more if i apply it on clothes too. Nice scent, totally unoffensive but the performance is really bad for myself at least. Could barely smell it right from the get go How long does Boss Bottled intense last? have to really dig my nose in How long does Boss Bottled intense last? the skin to smell it. Shame because its really nice scent good for work and all round activities.

Could easily be signature scent. This fragrance introduced me to the fragrance world in high school when i found my dad's bottle in the restroom. Wore it through high school and have plenty of positive memories with this cologne. However after smelling more scents, i've found the top notes are overpowering and give me a headache.

I love it, but i can't wear it out because i'll start to feel sick. I want to love this like i used to, but it is just too harsh on my skin which is a shame because it projects like a beast on me. I got 2020 batch 0265 made in Germany by Coty. I find it very very similar to Baldessarini Ambre I got one from 2011 although they have different notes.

I am shocked with this new Bottled, it has decent performance for the first 2-3 hours. After 2-3 hours it becomes skinscent, after few hours total it is gone. Overall really nice scent for the buck and pleasant smell. A definite favourite of mine that has aged well. A blend of spices, fruitiness, woods, freshness and sweetness that does give an apple pie vibe. My go to office scent in cooler weather. Performance is actually decent and lasts a lot longer than hour, contrary to what an anosmic reviewer has written below.

This fragrance gets addictive over time. I sampled 3 fragrances on my skin- Bvlgari man in black, 1 million prive and this. But I could easily tell that it was the least projecting. It was immediately overshadowed by 1 million prive! And I dare say that this can easily be a signature fragrance for any man. My man wears this and I adore it a lot. To my nose, the plum is quite distinctive and that's one of my favorite notes.

If I wanted, I could wear it too maybe, because it's not 100% masculine, however it's really cozy and cute. I'd never associate this scent with a Chris Hemsworth doing things like coming out of the ocean half naked and chopping wood, I'd rather imagine cuddling the person wearing this scent. The vanilla comes out later and stays on the skin some decent amount of time, but since I'm not wearing it, I can't really say.

Anyways, I got him a backup. I dont know where all you folks get apple pie. On paper, my nose says yes to all the main accords listed here. And they all blend together to make a sweet and spicy woodsy green scent. On my husband this comes out as a deep dark vanilla spice which is still a yes! I think its pretty yummy for a cologne. It does actually smell a bit younger, but i really think any age can pull this off.

This was my signature scent back in the late 90s and early 2000s. I remember the old bottles I had have a metal cap and a better sprayer. It was quite long lasting back then. Got a 200ml bottle recently the smell is still what I remember but as other have observed it is not that long lasting anymore.

I use at least 8-10 sprays including on my clothes for it to last at least a workday. This scent started my love for fragrances. If only the longevity was better! It would be my most favourite, but it barely lasts over an hour, even after more than 4 sprays.

The sillage in particular is very weak for me personally. A concoction of notes which I personally cannot identify. Do not purchase if you are looking for a decent performing fragrance I definitely get the apple pie vibe with this fragrance.

Almost a gourmand fragrance for me. Also reminds me of the holidays with that cinnamon. Performance could be better but its alright. I personally love it and dont really get the negative reviews I keep reading. Maybe sample it first, but I think most people will like it, especially in autumn. Don't get me wrong: I love apple pie, I love it's smell before eating it, but I don't want to smell like it, and worse in a fragrance with the obvious alcohol a fragrance has.

I think is the How long does Boss Bottled intense last? concept of working in a bakery or a restaurant; bread and garlic smell awesome, but smelling like those is not the best idea. I finally found the name of the perfume that has turned many a meeting, train ride and even date into nauseated misery: Boss Bottled. How long does Boss Bottled intense last?

is something in here that makes me gag and, depending on the dosage, even triggers a migraine with vision impairment. Unfortunately, it was on my brother in law during our Christmas meal, I had to ask him to sit a bit away from me, which I tried to do without giving a reason but when he wanted to refuse, I had to explain.

Minus 3 out of 10 for this olfactory emetic I was really excited for this but sadly I get less of the famous 'apple pie' and more of a apple hand sanitizer on my skin. To top things off it has poor performance + projection. Despite being so weak I would've been happy if it actually smelled good on my skin, apple pie is my favorite. To my nose the cinnamon How long does Boss Bottled intense last? carries this fragrance, with the apple top notes giving it a very homely, autumn feel.

However, there is much to be desired in terms of longevity and sillage. Not something I would wear myself but would definitely recommend to those who want a cheap, decent cinnamon fragrance. Wow, can't go wrong with this. I purchased it years ago and went through a full bottle and never bothered buying it again. I guess I just forgot about it and had no interest in getting another bottle. Decided to buy it again last year and I am still quite pleased with the smell.

Not overpowering to me at all and can be worn anytime anywhere which is good when I can't think of what to wear for the day. In the bottle and in the air this fragrance will have you wanting to be eaten. Such a beautiful smell is so short lived, this is one you'd want to broadcast as you are wearing it.

This is more fruity to me than anything - a strong fruity apple scent with a hint of floral sweetness. The woody notes don't really stand out that much to me, which is a shame because I would have loved a more grounding facet to this scent.

I personally think this is very much unisex and appropriate for all occasions: it is professional enough for work but also warm enough to be personal. I actually like this scent, so it's such a shame that it is extremely nauseating and headache-inducing for me. I wore it on four separate days, and without fail it made me sick around mid-day every time.

It's a lot like getting car-sick on a bus, specifically. I've never had this happen to me before, and it's such a shame that I can't wear this.

Catch the next available flight to Fort Lauderdale. Venture down the darkest back alley you can find. Bring the bottle back home and place it on a shelf.

Wearing this is about as smooth as walking the earth in gitch made of How long does Boss Bottled intense last? insulation. The opening is delightful and the transitions are just as nice. Once you get to the complete dry down, you have a very woody, How long does Boss Bottled intense last? thanks to the Vetiver and slightly warm vanilla masculine bottom. I found the need to overspray and on my clothes helped. Easily 8h+ and if I stick my nose to the skin is still there next day. Projection is moderate to intimate after an hour but stays around you like a bouble the whole day.

Smells like apple strudel with vanilla sauce and whipped cream on top, but in a masculine way. This is cozy, relaxing, delicious.

Feels like home with your family around. The match is great in autumn and winter but also works in cold days of spring and chilling nights of summer. Might just be me but it reminds me of the smell you get from the foam that is left behind after you've used dish soap. It's not an offensive smell by any means, but it's not that pleasant to at least my nose.

I How long does Boss Bottled intense last? the same thing with 1 Million Lucky. It is nothing like Layton, so don't buy this expecting a cheaper alternative. Edit: I realized my review was a bit too harsh and I've changed my opinion. The soapiness doesn't have to be negative. I actually like it now.

Smells clean, safe with a hint of freshness How long does Boss Bottled intense last? sweetness. I still don't think it smells like Layton though. I blind bought a bottle of Hugo Boss Bottled few years ago and I was very happy. I find this scent very pleasant, unassuming and masculine. To my nose, there's a certain seductive fruity aroma in its scent profile.

It's not complex, its not loud and it has its own personality. A quite comforting gentlemanly scent that's easy to wear with a unique sex appeal especially on close encounters.

To me personally, this is the type of fragrance that is much better without being a beast mode or projection monster. It's best to be left alone as it is. The introverted version of the more dominant Alpha Male. I'll give this wonderful juice a 9. I found it through a Sephora sample when I was around 13 and since then I have plotted to gift a bottle to every man l date. I discovered it after the reformulation, in my eyes it lasts well enough and is pretty dang strong but then again I despise any scents that can be smelled past 2-3 feet.

Very wearable for women as well. Watered down compared to my first bottle of this stuff many years ago, but still I get 5ish hours on my skin and it still smells so good.

Try to find this discounted if you can. That could be due to the reformulation. First bottle was from 2012 I believe. Also works for an office fragrance as it is inoffensive and doesn't project a ton.

Within an arms length and after 2 hours it sits within a foot and close to the skin. Still worth it in 2021 in my mind, if discounted. Safe buy for anyone interested in starting a collection. I have nearly 40 colognes now after these years and I still enjoy it. This used to be such an amazing fragrance. How long does Boss Bottled intense last? how reformulations have killed it. However, even though it hasn't aged gracefully, I am sure this is a sentimental gem for many of us.

I first encountered this fragrance 12 years ago. My wife and I wandered over to the fragrance shelf while we were waiting. A row of 5ml minis of Boss Bottled in their tiny little boxes sat along a shelf, with one open and half used mini at the end of the row. I picked How long does Boss Bottled intense last? up and dabbed some on my wrist. The next few minutes were spent in disbelief, in awe of how Boss Bottled smelt.

Sweet, fresh, juicy, smoky, dry, woody, classy, confident, mysterious, sophisticated and complex - up until this point my go-to fragrances were all marine fragrances: Unforgivable, Acqua di Gio and Aqva Marine. With no large bottle in sight, I swept up all the minis and took them on our holiday. Over the next 2 months, I wore this sparingly, as a few dabs from the mini splash bottles seemed to be plenty for myself to enjoy and for others around me to notice, the sillage lasting for a good 6-8 hours.

Current formulations of this are watery, lacking cinnamon and vanilla, nowhere near as strong, flimsy in construction and charged with a noticeably synthetic feel, that smells the way an artificial sweetener tastes. The full-bodied texture of the fragrance has vanished, but thankfully the Intense versions provide some sort of reprieve from this sadness. Unfortunately however, these are also fast disappearing so if you still can, I would jump on them if this fragrance means anything to you!

However bad this fragrance is though, I will always have a bottle How long does Boss Bottled intense last? my collection!! That was the first fragrance I ever owned, and I was How long does Boss Bottled intense last?

years old. This scent is too sentimental to me to say anything negative about it. This is one of the last things that reminds me of my grandfather. I just miss my grandfather. Alot to say about this fregrance. The smell is hell of amazing kind of spicy woody and apple pie notes gives you the comfort and confidence you need but performance is zero big zero it last for 30 min max and after that just powdery vanilla all over your clothes specially in winter time i wish they can reformulate this great scent to last longer with the same smell This is a nice fragrance to wear, it's subtle but the scent is unique, warm but refreshing at the same time.

Overall a good Autumn or Spring fragrance, Its too weak for winter and too sweet and cloying for Summer in my opinion, and remember its only an opinion. When my bottle runs out I'm going to purchase the intense version in the hope that it has the projection and longevity that How long does Boss Bottled intense last?

original lacks. It is summer and a lot of people from Switzerland, Germany and Austria are visiting my country. Every single one of them tries to compensate their flaws and insecurities with big noisy expensive cars and every single one of them has this How long does Boss Bottled intense last?

on their face. And they are all wearing this shitty fragrance. I cannot stand it,I despise this perfume Very nice all round everyday any time spicy fragrance tha'ts good value. The Intense version is slightly better and stronger. Lidi and Milton Lloyd do good clones at around £4 You will be unique wearing this one.

It may be somewhat dated tho it still smells modern and it may have been a big seller in it's day but nobody usually wears this so you'll be one of very few. Deff worth getting whether a seasoned fragrance collector or someone looking for one fragrance to do it all. True gem How long does Boss Bottled intense last?

will always be a classic in my eyes. Very rounded, smooth and almost feminine without actually being girly. I would call this unisex for sure. Cinnamon is very faint and doesn't take over like it so easily can. How long does Boss Bottled intense last? feels like an apple tart without being gourmand. Interesting and definitely not your usual masculine fragrance. Second round: citrus bright onset is typically masculine, but clean enough to maybe go unisex.

A real classic of course and I love this fragrance. No a beast by far but slightly above average. I bought it because of its beautiful aroma and you get goid value for your money. Longevity is round 5-6hrs and projection How long does Boss Bottled intense last? arms length for about 90mins+ then it becomes a skin scent that has some plesant woody notes. There are some good clones there too which you can pay a lot less and performs as good as this one.

I use the clone more often around the house and use the original when going out about. That way I get the benefits of this excellent fragrance much more and save some money to spend on other colognes! Boss by Hugo Boss- Do Not Blind Buy. This fragrance holds true How long does Boss Bottled intense last? some of the sweet flavors such as bergamot and carnation. I am too overwhelmed by the vanilla to make out other scents, How long does Boss Bottled intense last?

this seems to be the main ingredient. I smell no apple or plum unfortunately. Personally this fragrance is too powdery and sweet for my taste, and I would only wear it for a walk around the mall during the winter time.

The strength and longevity are good for a Hugo Boss product. Too bad its not a product I enjoy. If you enjoy a strong vanilla based cologne, more of a masculine approach to a unisex option. Very little wood, which I assume is added to separate it from other powder vanilla female perfumes. This fragrance is a legend. It was made in late 90s and it was everywhere.

I was a child at that time, but I got myself a sample of this and Hugo Boss in Motion as it was included with some magazine. Including vials of fragrance samples was a big thing in Northern Europe back then.

Nowadays it is less popular, and does not have a cult status anymore due to new offerings however it still remains popular and well demanded. Its a safe scent for everyone, it is well blended and can be used by everyone. Versatility - that's what comes into my mind when I think of it. It is a citrus scent, however with hints of flowers and cinammon, some easy to wear wood notes.

I cannot imagine anyone hating it. Perhaps not, because it is not something I love. As a side note, I have purchased a Lidl X bolt homage of this fragrance. Very hard to tell apart. I sprayed it on my chest last summer and my girlfriend was smelling me for a few minutes.

She said: Oh Hugo Boss I love this fragrance on you. I let her enjoy the moment for a while. Later I said: You know it's a cheap Lidl fragrance. She seemed shocked because that's how similar they are. I personally don't see a reason of buying a real thing when there is a Lidl alternative. It has been copied so many times that some homages are of virtually the same quality. Should be and could be in any man's drawer. Fantastic scent and loved by all. You will How long does Boss Bottled intense last?

to spray more than required to get longevity out of it. I recommend applying moisturiser first before spraying or spraying clothing directly. Always a compliment getter and my wife loves it. I was wearing it when we first met. Fresh but masculine and can be worn in all seasons. I love this one and it has grown on me over the years.

I find it quite versatile and suits basically any weather, time of year or temperature. The apple scent makes it really fresh and to me it's a quiet intriguing scent. To me it leads the thoughts towards business and performance. So it's a perfect day time fragrance. This is pretty good Apple-Vanilla, with Cinnamon and a little Cedar making the drydown feel cozy and comfortable.

Comes across as somewhat fresh albeit a bit powdery -- though not as much as Eros or Coach -- which makes this much better for me. Not usually a Vanilla fan, but this kind of implementation appeals to me. Lasts around 4 hours, projecting well the How long does Boss Bottled intense last? 2 hours, switching to an aura on the 3rd, and a skin scent the last hour like clockwork.

I can see myself repurchasing another for my Vanilla slot, unless I decide to spring for PdM Layton, which of course blows this out of the park, both scent and performance-wise.

Still, this is decent value for money. Very fresh scent for fall. I usually get quite many compliments from men mostly while wearing it. I don't quite get the apple pie, but vanilla and apple work really well together. Performance is moderate unless you overspray it on your clothes. Overall very good parfume for every day use and you can get it relatively cheap too. As many have said before, it smells like an apple pie! I like it for fall and winter.

The apple and vanilla notes really stick out the most. When I wear it it actually makes me crave an apple pie or cobbler with vanilla ice cream haha.

It radiates within an arms length, and can last for roughly 4 to 5 hours. Not bad, but this is borderline generic. If they'd cost around that, I'd say they'd be the best bang for your buck, but they're not so although they're enjoyable, they're a pass for me. An exboyfriend of mine would wear this and id say its more nice for the summertime than the winter. The dry down or the middle stage is a little bit more spicier because of the cinammon im guessing but other than that the freshness is still a bit there, and its a manly sort of freshness and woodyness going on!!!!

It is somewhat pleasing at the start when all the fruits are playing. Then citruses and plums are gone, giving a way to His Majesty - one of the most chemical apples I have ever smelled. Even quite decent cinnamon and vanilla can not hide this damned apple. Toward the end, warm woods and something like rubber or silicon grease appear. I had this back in the early 2000s and it was great - thick, fresh and sweet but not cloying.

Longevity and projection was excellent. I bought a bottle a couple of years ago and it had been neutered somewhat - performance and quality was poor but it did initially smell the same as before.

I don't like to moan about reformulation, but they have ruined this one which is a shame. If you like this sort of thing then you are probably better off buying something like Davidoff Cool Water Intense for a lot less money and better performance. A very successful and pleasant mix of apple, cinnamon, vanilla. Very versatile, for job, free time, fall, spring, winter. It really somehow reminds me of cold and foggy mornings of the continental cities. Mornings that have that special brisk smell.

A great work by Annick Menardo. Level hard to achieve once again in Boss. Even niche company like Brecourt copied Bottled in Esprit Mondain. Ok obviously all fragrances are, They have a list of notes top, middle and base.

But this one has an almost unisex vibe to it, In my opinion, therefore more interesting! Vanilla apple sandalwood with some cinnamon and a leathery accord. I bought this fragrance on my way home from Asia and loved it until the end. Reminded me of Chanel Egoiste for men, my original favorite, but this one is more approachable, and not as overpowering, or peppery. Not sweet, just the right amount of spice and masculine notes, but apple pie-like.

Long before anyone really heard of or gave a F about Perfumes de Marly or its lodestar, Layton, Boss Bottled was doing what Layton only tries and fails to do: To make an Oriental Chypre-Fougere Hybrid with spiced apple pie notes. Amazing fragrance, then and now. And so much less costly than Layton. I would say that I thinks notes are well balancing each other cause it doesn't smell of something specific to me or maybe my nose doesn't How long does Boss Bottled intense last?

the note. I would say if you don't like very sweet or very citrusy, etc. Although, there's a little something I would do without, but I don't know what it is Ongoing classic. Cinnamon and apple pie is an evergreen. No wow-factor, but it's a static male fragrance icon. It has style similarities with Lacoste Pour Homme. They are both released around the millennium. Boss Bottled was released earlier though.

Insane sillage and decent 6-8+ hour longevity. I decided to reach for this after my shower tonight. Of a person reliable in every aspect, in all circumstances, day and night. Strong and comforting, very positive and reassuring.

And with a little sweet tooth. Wow, I don't know what happens to this perfume, but I feel ginger on the way out and during evolution. Cinnamon with citrus notes and this ginger leaves it very good, fresh but intense. Then in the evolution until the dry down he to my office sends an apple, cinnamon and ginger tea, sometimes a weak tea, I think I liked his output more.

A somewhat simple-smelling composition, with a fruity-spicy opening, apples with mild cinnamon, on a woodsy vanilla base. Nice, but lacking any depth, direction or development; close sillage and moderate persistence. I'm attributing this partial letdown to what I imagine would have been the budget of Boss, rather than Annick Menardo. Sweet and seductive, a pleasure for the sense of smell.

It's an easily recognizable fragrance. For all occasions but especially for dating, less suitable for a party. Where original stands out among their copies is after drydown.

Opening is pretty much same with Ferrari black and La rive grey point, but they ditch apple note sooner, vibe is more woody and also are not so refined. I like not love, deostick is divine though, very different original, but cannot stand copies with their focus on woodier side of things. I just got a 200 ml of Hugo Boss Bottled Eau De Toilette as a Christmas present, and I simply do not like this fragrance no even an inch, too sweet; loaded with vanilla, cinnamon, and apple; I might dare to say it smells like an apple pie with vanilla cream on the top; so I am stuck with this fragrance that if How long does Boss Bottled intense last?

do not return it politely to my untie who gave it to me in a very loving way as present I would put in on eBay for sale; if I ever liked any of Hugo Boss fragrances were one and Boss Spirit discontinued now ; after that Boss, fragrances are made for the young ones and girls that live their lives on the fast line. I don't know what vintage smells like. But to me, this is a unique fragrance. Timeless classic and borderline gourmand territory. It cheap but unfortunately the performance not really good.

I always overspray this to get moderate longevity. It radiates moderate for 1-2hrs and then changes to skin scent for the next 2+ hrs. Open with apple and spice vanilla+cinnamonbit powdery and little sweet after settled down. It is weak enough to wear it on hot weather and not cloying.

It can be used every day. I wish it had better performance. Why do they weaken fragrances? Powdery, floury, sweet cinnamons scent, of the type of Spice Bomb, Armani eau de nuit and hundreds of others. Also, cinnamon scent here is mor natural than in most similar scents. Compared to Le male, it represents a huge improvement.

I find Le male obnoxious, despite being probably the most influential male fragrance in perfumery in the last thirty years. Back to bottled, I tried the current version, and I find it far far too weak, with no sillage or staying power.

How long does Boss Bottled intense last?

I would not waste money on this. Longevity is pretty terrible on my skin 4 Hours. The more concentrated flankers have much better performance but they lose some of that freshness which makes this scent so wearable. Don't know if my nose is messed up lol. If I smell it long enough I get a slight smell like I had sprayed it 24 hrs ago but I really can't pick up any notes this is just nice.

I can reach for it in any season. In the summer it smells like apple while the vanilla manages to not get cloying. In the cool weather vanilla shines.

Vanilla is my favorite note but it can be hard to wear during the summer.

EarthBound / MOTHER

Great fragrance and I'll be looking forward to trying the stronger variants when this runs out. I only own a few fragrances from the Hugo Boss house. After reading online that Bottled is a classic I just decided How long does Boss Bottled intense last?

purchase it blindly, no questions asked. Here are some of my thoughts upon first application. After wearing this I decided to come on here and check the reviews and look at the pyramid. It seems there is so much much going on through pyramid but all I pick up mostly is the Apple and plum in the beginning, but the Vanilla is apparent as well too.

I got to speak about the performance too. This stuff lasts 8 hours plus on my skin and I keep getting whiffs off of myself over and over. I rarely reach for this one but every time I do, I How long does Boss Bottled intense last? myself why I don't wear it more often. It's a perfect office scent for me. A classic and classy vanilla beast. Perfectly safe and inoffensive for the office. I will test it out more often this Spring, I think it'll be a steady compliment getter too while How long does Boss Bottled intense last?

in casual wear. This is my 3rd review of the scent. Annick Menardo is a genius and among all her creations I love YsL Body Kouros the most but it has its own time for wearing and setting. It is not the most versatile. Boss Bottled is the most mass appealing of her creations. After 21 years it is still loved which gives you an idea about its appeal. Its versatile and this along with Versace Eau Fraiche is the most worn scent by me even after so many years.

I've absolutely loved Hugo Boss fragrances for women, my wife uses quite a few of this brand. In my case it was just not my cup of tea until I got this one as a gift, the vanilla and spices balance is great with quite a nice projection. Woody spices are not my forte, so this one is a safe step towars this group.

I was checking franances in stores for cople of days. My favorites was Prada Lhomme, Versace Pour Homme, Mont Blanc Explorer and Dior Suvage. Hugo Boss fragnance I didnt wan't to smel at all. But after couple of days and smeling over 30 fragnances I took Hugo Boss Boteled. This scent is one of my favorite in my current collection that started last year 2018. I liked it because it smelled of scented, high grade paper and the right level of sweetness that is not offensive. The drydown is also one of the best.

HUGO BOSS Bottled Night

Now the bottle is almost running out of juice but I am not looking for a new bottle. This cologne is actually amazing, one of my favorites ever, this was my first cologne that I had ever smelled so it will always have a lot of meaning for me. It is by far one of the best I have smelt, its so sexy, so seductive and you just want to follow it wherever the scent goes, absolutely love it.

I dont have any more words apart from a timeless classic, miss this scent so much, about to buy another bottle! If you're new to the fragrance world try this one out, it is simply amazing and smells really really good for a young audience. And better yet its extremely affordable! This is one of those fragrances that frustrate me, not because it is bad, but because it is good. I tried a sample and I really do like the scent a lot, but it sits very close to my skin without creating a trail unless I waft it close to my nose.

The farthest that I can smell the fragrance is when my nose is about 3 inches from the point that I sprayed. I don't know about you, but How long does Boss Bottled intense last? don't wave my arms and body in peoples' faces. I guess this would be a good fragrance for someone who spends a lot of time close with a significant other, but I am pretty sure most people aren't spending most of their time doing that.

I am genuinely sad that either this fragrance or my body chemistry does not produce a good sillage to get me to buy a full bottle. It still sits close to my skin for me, but it does leave a trail and I can smell it from my neck. I would say that it projects about a foot of distance for one to two hours. It also does remain as a skin scent for a few hours after.

Also, the plum note is not very noticeable for me, but I wish that it was because plum is my favorite note in fragrances. My husband is a Boss frag fan and, of course, loves it. My dad has it and both he and my Mom love it.

I can see why it is so popular. Suitable for all ages and all occasions. The spicy side is prominent. It is soft How long does Boss Bottled intense last? warm and cozy. I imagine that men find it comforting and it makes them feel fresh and at ease with the way that smell. You can wear this any time, any part of the year.

People forgot about this thing, it still smells really modern and really manly, and different than most modern scents. This is not your Dior Suavage, Versace Eros, One Milion that just screams in everyone's face. It projects about an arm lenght, and its very inviting for more intimate situations. But it's a bad boy i would say its great for dates On my skin, it smells amazing. Really thick-creamy mix of apple,vanilla,cinamon and woods. This is an absolute classic.

I absolutely adore this scent. I had it as a young 15-years old girl. Now I am alot older and I finally got it again. Smells so Good and makes me Feel safe. And Yes I'm a woman. I can smell the apple. And a bit spicy but in a Good way. Tonight, I'm re-wearing my sample and I have had a change of heart. I really do love this stuff! It's smooth, creamy, masculine, and seductive. Such a beautiful combination of the vanilla, apple and cinnamon.

I do not get the apple pie vibe, but this fragrance is certainly one of a kind, How long does Boss Bottled intense last? definitely earned it's classic status! I hear this fragrance does not last too long, but for the time it is there, it is very, very nice! This is one of the best to ever do it.

One of the most appealing frags to women and one of the most alpha fresh frags out there. I re-fell in love with this one since I have been using How long does Boss Bottled intense last? again. It makes me wonder why I haven't been using this one more consistently. Every time I wear this one, I catch whiffs for about 2-3 hours. The fresh-woody-vanilla scent trail it leave is just incredible and makes me smile every time I catch it.

Absolutely one of the best all time masculine frags. So appealing, so smooth, so good. One of the best ever. It smells unique combination of spices, cinnamon and vanilla. Really feel like the Boss when I wear it.

You can use it any where, any time in all seasons. I should have loved this. Guess my nose or what I like has changed. I like it more during spring or warmer weather tho I find. I've tried it in colder weather recently and I prefer it during the warmer seasons. Doesn't mean I won't wear this winter probably just not as much.

Finally got it and must say that it deserves the love. Powdery spice balanced by the woods and vanilla. Nothing exciting or that I have not smelled in other perfumes. To my nose this boss has something metallic and powdery, perhaps because of the sour smell of the olive which is always a pleasant discovery.

From the previous reviews I notice that each of us says a different thing regarding the notes, which is fun :. Well I tell you that I feel very little about vanilla and citrus! It reminds me of Axe Africa because of the sandal. Boss Bottled is sort of a modern classic. Released in 1998, it's now on it's 20th year and still going strong. That's quite remarkable and a testament to how good it is.

But how good is it really? First off, the ingredient quality is sub-par. The longevity is below expected for this type of scent and it's been copied ad nauseam. But, despite of those things, it's such a lovable scent. Bottled comes across as totally unassuming. You won't find anything hard-to-like in this one. Sweet apple, cinnamon and woods. The effect on skin is a apple pie smell that doesn't really evolve that much. Instead it just remains present, smelling as fantastic as it ever did.

This is one of those scents, where you shouldn't look for faults, but instead appreciate it as a whole. In that regard, Bottled really delivers.

Maybe I am colored by the fact that I grew up with this scent, and have fond memories of it, but Bottled is worth it in 2018, and worth it for any new-comer to the hobby who wants to try something different. I usually get 6-7 hours. I'd absolutely love it if it were just stronger.

Much lighter scent than what I was expecting and due to that it's a like and not a love. Great smell just a bit too weak. Still wear it often but apply more than I do other fragrances. Then again, an intense version does exist and if I could do over I would have gone that route. Still, I have no regrets because this really does smell straight up good. I'll enjoy it until it's gone and then order the intense version.

I smell this and am reminded of my summers in Portugal in the mid-late 90s. One of my cousins wore this scent and I was never able to figure out what it was until quite recently. I have heard people refer to this as an apple pie scent. This is a must smell for anyone that wants to own a variety of fragrances. Personally for me i think it good. Could be use as office scent. But the downside is the performance which is moderate only not to weak How long does Boss Bottled intense last? to strong.

But i still give it a chance in my collection. Finished a bottle and i will miss it again. Respect~ This is another blast from the past. I don't ever see Boss Bottled going out of style because it is super-easy to wear. Smelling this does remind me of the nineties, but I don't think this smells dated at all. Boss is all about the apple. This isn't a super-juicy or fruity or realistic apple. This is a transparent apple, which leaves just a trace of sweetness. I smell the vanilla and sandalwood, but they are light too.

I don't really get any cinnamon in this or vetiver or oakmoss. I don't really think of this as spicy or fruity or gourmand despite the vanilla and fruits. This is warm enough to wear when it's cold, but fresh enough to wear when it's hot. I think Boss Bottled has aged well so far. I'll admit that he's not the most exciting fragrance or that he's the first one I reach for, but when I do, I'm glad I did. Pleasant fragrance but nothing really special.

Once first applied it projects within 1 foot for around 1 hour before settling into a skin-scent for another 3-4 hours. People will have trouble smelling you but it's very pleasant to me so I don't mind. To me I get a vanilla feel but not much more, also giving of a vibe I link to 40+ men.!

Still I feel a younger guy can wear it. Scent: 7 Longevity: 5 Sillage: 4 Compliments: Pending Score I would say it's a How long does Boss Bottled intense last? blind buy. I'll do some more testing and find out how other's react to it. Batch : 2015 Sorry to be a fly in the ointment, but really not a fan of this scent at all.

I have owned it on two previous occasions and I know it gets great reviews. I sniffed it again today in a shop and still a big no. It reminds me of one of those cheap vanilla and fruit scented candles. On the positive side I remember it lasts very well and is extremely versatile. Just not my kind of scent. Hands down my favorite masculine fragrance. It is soft, clean and cuddly. Boss Bottled is the latter, in contrast to uber-manly stuff like Antaeus or Drakkar Noir. It's a really soft, slightly musky, spicy but mainly vanilla fragrance that retains a bit of the rather jarring green apple opening throughout its development.

It's very popular, but it's not ordinary and commuter flights within, say, Scandinavia and Germany, simply reek of the stuff. This is actually really good, and I smell most of the notes this doesn't happen too often. A very nice, and balanced fragrance.

It doesn't try too hard, and smells very casual. After I started getting into fragrances, I How long does Boss Bottled intense last? a tendency to How long does Boss Bottled intense last? mainstream products. I probably had a preconceived notion that these were inferior fragrances compared to niche, and some other exclusive brands. Well, that's not the case. In fact, Boss Bottled smells better than very many of the more expensive ones I have, or sampled.

I'm getting wafts of it as I type. Surprisingly, with the exception of one, they have all turned out fantastic. I would not say Im lucky or easy to please.

I just tend to really do a lot of homework upfront to avoid disaster. Some have turned out better than others, but so far, no dislikes. So, based on Boss Bottled featuring in so many YouTube top ten lists, I thought Id blind buy this one as well. It oozes beauty, elegance, refinement and class, without even trying, whilst maintaining a presence that is definitive and distinct.

Its masculine, but not macho. Its confident but not pushy. Its playful but How long does Boss Bottled intense last? does not allow to be messed with. Its attractive and appealing, almost verging on seduction, but not quite, which makes it wildly sexy in the most subtle, innocuous way - like the innocent seduction of ones first love. This is a gem that comes very close to perfection in what I look for in a fragrance.

Its a timeless classic that has been around for many years, and will be around for many to come. You will totally understand once you have put your nose to the gorgeous opening and superb dry-down. This is a great all rounder. I always find myself reaching for it.

Longevity is really good on me. You can half forget it's there and then bam, huge whiff out of nowhere. I wear it any time, it seems just go with everything. You can pick it up cheap too which is always a bonus when it's one of those fragrances you can wear for any occasion, formal or casual. So definitely it's not fake. But my goodness what have you guys done to this beautiful perfume?? The performance is so dam poor! With 6 sprays you could barely smell anything after 1 hour.

Have you guys reformulated the juice? It sucks to the max. Hugo Boss, please stop selling this perfume if your intentions are to just make more money.

I thought of giving it a try again after so long but boy what a total disappointment!! For me its quiet boring and ordinary scent. But I must agree that is very popular perfume but popularity of something does not guarantee it's goodness or it all depends on individual personal likeness of aroma. Good for younger population and casual wear.

Projection and longevity is average. I give it 6 out of 10.

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