Question: Whats the difference between EDP and EDT?

EDP stands for Eau De Parfum, and it is a lighter perfume, giving you a fresh breath of beautiful scent that can last from three to five hours. EDT stands for Eau De Toilette is once again an even lighter essence, lighter than even EDP when compared to Perfume.

Is EDP stronger than EDT?

Generally, EDTs have lower concentration levels of around 8 – 12%, while EDPs has a concentration level of 12 – 18%. These do vary between brands and products, but an EDP will always have higher concentration levels than an EDT. This is where your research comes in.

The Faculty of Health Sciences puts the safety of staff and students at the forefront of its response to the pandemic.

New guidelines and processes are being developed for adapted ways of teaching, learning, research and working in health services.


The Institute has curated a go-to range of reliable information to guide and assist staff and students during this time of crisis. We collaborated with Global Citizen on aspeaking to trusted experts to dispel vaccine misinformation. If you have anything to contribute, feel free to.

Whats the difference between EDP and EDT?

It engages scholars offering detailed, rigorously researched, ethical expert commentary that explores ways to grasp the wide-spread effects of the virus. Looking at the socio-cultural, political, and economic implications of the pandemic. Their collates a reservoir of expertise from across the continent.

Whats the difference between EDP and EDT?

Details about their national and provincial hotlines are also available on the site. The myriad of available continent includes multi-lingual public service announcement videos. Agendas and recordings are available. This is to assist staff, stakeholders, benefactors and community members during this time.

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